a personal flow of consciousness - by - Matteo Brunati
Questa sensazione è avvalorata, inoltre, dalla crescente partecipazione di numerose Camere di Commercio al progetto nazionale di apertura delle banche dati nazionali (Starnet, Movimprese, ecc) gestite dal sistema camerale www.opendataimprese.it; il progetto vuole rappresentare la piattaforma unica di condivisione e catalogazione dei dati gestiti e pubblicati dalle diverse CCIAA presenti sul territorio. Dalla iniziale partenza presso la CCIAA di trapani l’adesione si è ampliata a diverse realtà territoriali, soprattutto al sud Italia come si può vedere dalla mappa. La maturita’ degli Open Data. Cosa faranno da grandi? ‹ PioneroPionero
We’re not talking about storage here, though that’s part of it, just like storage is part of your PC or your phone. We’re talking about your own personal space, which you control, on the Net, and not just on your devices. We’re talking about your own personal operating system: the platform for your enterprise of one. We’re talking about the place where you stand as you manage not just your own data, but your relationships with other people, various services, the Internet of Things, and your contacts—meaning your real social network (the one you define, your own way). It might be self-hosted, or physically elsewhere on the Net; doesn’t matter, long as it’s yours alone, and secure. That is, not contained in somebody else’s service. (Though you can engage one for that, if you like. On your terms.) Personal clouds are a new concept, but central to what I (and many others) have been working on for years with ProjectVRM and related efforts. (Some of those will be there too.) It’s where personal computing, personal networking, personal storage and personal autonomy and control all meet — or should, once the tech gets built out. It’s early in the history of wherever this thing is going to go, which is why going to this thing is a good idea. Doc Searls Weblog · A crowd for personal clouds